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You might find yourself wondering…should public relations (PR) be part of my marketing strategy? What role does it play? Where does “earned media” come into the picture? And what constitutes being “newsworthy”? We get a lot of questions here at Pace Marketing about PR and its role in marketing. Yes, PR can complement marketing efforts […]

Of all the missteps that can give a company a black eye, a failed product launch surely tops the list. This is especially true for products that have a long development cycle: Medical devices, pharmaceuticals, advanced software, etc. Nothing is more frustrating than developing and testing a product for years, only to have it flop […]

Advertising seems deceptively simple. A creative person creates an ad, and then you pay someone—a magazine, a radio station, Facebook, Google, a billboard owner—to run your ad. If that was all there is to it, getting started with advertising would be simple. But of course it isn’t that simple, because the goal isn’t just displaying […]

There are many ways to conceive of and organize marketing activities. One of our favorites is our marketing framework, which tracks customer journeys against marketing goals and tools in place. Whereas many marketing firms think of these journeys as forming a funnel, we think of them as being hourglass shaped, and so we sometimes refer […]

It might be every social media manager’s dream to go viral. But honestly, in most cases, there is no overnight success. Building a strong social media presence requires planning, time, and consistency. For businesses to drive successful social media strategies, there must be a balance between thinking ahead and capturing the moment. If you are […]

Sometimes, when a new client comes to us, they have few (if any) ideas about what to do for their marketing. But with other clients, the problem is too many ideas being thrown around at once. How do you organize all those ideas and make them into a cohesive marketing framework? There is a tool […]

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